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Embroidery Network System (ENS)

Melco Embroidery Systems has released its first version of the Embroidery Network System (ENS). ENS encapsulates all of the network functionality of EDS III (plus some exciting new features) in an easy to use and moderately priced stand-alone program.

With ENS, you can communicate with any Melco EMC or EMT sewing peripheral. It will download RSA files, send designs and provide all of the status that you're used to with EDS III. Additionally, ENS provides a new level of diagnostic features to help you with machine and network problems. These include:

A running log of machine alerts that can be referred to at any time


On-screen readouts of critical voltages (EMT machines only)


At-a-glance network "heALTh" indicators for both Ethernet and StarLAN networks


Printout capability for all critical information

Here is a screenshot of ENS. Click on an area in the image below for more information.

Tools Menu... View Menu... File Menu... Service Information Tab Client/Server Tab Statistics Tab Status Tab Alerts Tab Send... File list... Auto Delete... Auto Queue... Thumbnail... File Type... File name... Look in... Melco Embroidery Systems


ENS represents a renewed commitment to embroidery machine networking, a field pioneered by Melco in 1988. Further, ENS exploits the network technology now available in the Windows 95/98/NT operating systems and allows the design function to be separated from production.

By installing ENS on a second machine, your EDS system can be freed up to do design work full time while ENS manages your entire embroidery network. If you use Wilcom software, ENS will add its impressive networking capabilities to your system, giving you full access to the network capabilities of Melco's EMC and EMT machines. ENS will usher in a new era in Internet technology for the embroidery industry.

The Help file is created in the same language as the Internet, and provides new levels of functionality previously unseen in help systems. If you have an Internet connection, you can browse the web directly from within the Help file. Advanced users will be able to use conferencing software to remotely diagnose machine problems, check productivity, etc using the Internet.

So what do you need? ENS requires a computer running Windows 95 or Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 4.x (included on the CD-ROM). This is a 32-bit program and will not run under Windows 3.1. ENS requires a Pentium 133 or faster and at least 16MB RAM. A CD-ROM drive is required to install the software and a parallel port is required for the dongle. Under Windows 95 or Windows 98, ENS fully supports both Melco Ethernet and StarLAN sewing peripherals.

Clearly, ENS is the new tool designed to meet all your networking, diagnostics, and production control needs-regardless of the size of your business. As this exciting new technology matures, look for ENS to add even more functionality as the single control center for your entire embroidery operation.

Still have a question? Check out our FAQs! Or, if you'd rather, check out our ENS newsgroup. The newsgroup is not moderated, but several of Melco's top developers can be found there to help address any issues or concerns you may have about ENS.

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