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Melco Embroidery Systems

The revolutionary new embroidery alphabet software from Melco!

Turn your TrueType computer fonts
into embroidery alphabets!

A one-of-a-kind application that enables you to:

Turn almost any Windows TrueType font into an embroidery alphabet...automatically!


Edit and fine-tune characters in your new alphabets


Make a condensed design from most Windows TrueType letter,word or set of words


Use your new Autofont alphabets with Melco's EDS III software

Autofont is a Windows95 based program, so it's easy to use and learn. You simply choose the desired font in the Autofont program and with a few simple mouse clicks you've got a new embroidery alphabet to use with your EDS III software. It can then be edited and customized to meet your specifications.

Once it's converted an Autofont alphabet is just like any other embroidery alphabet. You'll have all the punctuation and special characters included in the original TrueType font.

With Autofont, your business won't be limited to using pre-digitized alphabets. You'll have access to thousands of TrueType fonts with just a click of a button.

Minimum System Requirements:
66MHZ, 16 MB memory, 10MB free disk space,
Windows95 or Windows95B, and EDS III ver. 3.20 or higher.

Melco Embroidery Systems - AutoFont Software

In the Autofont program, choose the font you want to convert.

Melco Embroidery Systems - AutoFont Software

You can convert an entire alphabet or create a condensed design from a letter, word or set of words.

Melco Embroidery Systems - AutoFont Software

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