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Easy for BeginnersPowerful for Pros.

Melcos commitment to innovation began with the advent of the EDS (Embroidery Design Software) line of products. Today, EDS is synonymous with powerful, easy-to-use digitizing software that leads the industry in both capabilities and users.

Once again, the technical minds at Melco have brought
digital embroidery to a new level of performance with EDS DesignShop. It automates the editing, sizing, lettering and digitizing process so you can create and sew in ways never before possible.

EDS DesignShop is offered in four versions depending on your needs and level of experience. Because EDS DesignShop is a totally integrated program, its easy to move up to the next level at any time.

DesignShop Lite
Affordable lettering capabilities for the beginner and enthusiast.

A full scale lettering package with basic editing capabilities.

DesignShop Pro
Complete editing, digitizing, lettering and sizing capabilities.

DesignShop Pro Plus
Everything you need for professional level digitizing, including complete lettering, sizing, editing and digitizing, plus Auto-Digitizing.



Auto Digitizing
Automatically converts your artwork into an embroidery design.

Digitized Columns
Place the exit point on the opposite side of the last digitized point.

Editing of Element Entry and Exit Points
Edit your entry and exit points for column and walk stitches and fills.

File Conversion
Easily converts vector graphic files into embroidery files without complex editing.

Integrated AutoFont
Use any True Type font as an embroidery font. Column intersections produced by AutoFont are editable.

Select Your Digitizing Cursor
Select from a wide range of digitizing cursors to fit your style.

Constrained Line Input
Now you can automatically input a horizontal, vertical or angled line, much more accurate than by hand.

Step and Repeat
Automatically duplicate a design in columns or rows at the click of your mouse.

Lettering Font Preview
View all of your embroidery and True Type fonts at a glance.

Complex Fill Overlap
Automatically adjust the overlapping of simple fills as generated by complex fills.

Email Connection
A fast and convenient way to email designs after you finish digitizing.

Lock Element
Prevent your work from being changed or modified with this unique locking feature.

Random Edge for Complex Fills and Columns
Place a torn edge effect on one or both sides of a complex fill or column.

Column Auto Density
Select any column density for any column width.

Custom Density for Complex Fills and Columns
Vary the density setting within complex fills and columns to obtain a special blending effect.

Complex Fills with Decorative Stitch
Produce a complex fill using a defined decorative stitch.

Wave Fills
The complex fill with as many curves as youd like.

Double Wave Fills
Similar to a curved fill, with numerous variations of the curved fill direction.

Complex Fill Holes with Auto Shape Tools
The Auto Shape tools can be used for adding holes to complex fills.

Lock Stitch Selection
Select from one of many lock stitch styles.

Print only the grid, print the complete background color, or print the entire design.

Fabric Adjust
Automatically changes the column width, underlay, density and stitch length of letters to adjust to nearly any type of fabric.

Auto Density
Automatically changes the spacing between stitches whenever you increase or decrease the size of a design or letter.

Secondary Underlay
Adds another underlay for increased stability.

Shows designs and lettering in realistic 3-D.

User-definable Grid
Grid size and color can be adjusted for easier alignment for precise editing and digitizing.

Transform Lettering
Adapts and conforms lettering to striking, irregular shapes.

Expanding Tree Views
Follows the Windows Explorer approach to editing. Clicking on an item reveals the subcategories.

Auto Trim/Lock Stitches
Adjustment to determine where trim and lock stitches occur. Creates tie-ins and tie-offs between letters and objects.

Type the design history, color sequence and size as well as any information about your designs and save it with the file.

Pattern Fills
Repeats simple patterns within fills to create textured effects.

Moveable Toolbars
Place and anchor the toolbars where you want them.

Conveniently zoom in on a specific area of design.

Layer by Color
Turn on and off colors for easier editing.

Unlimited undo and redo capabilities.

Scaling and Rotating
As simple as dragging the handles.

Wire Frame Editing
Frame points are shown on screen with curved or straight lines for easy editing.

Wire Frame Digitizing
For easy viewing and editing.

Home Embroidery Formats
Ability to Read/Write to commercial or home embroidery formats.

Sequenced Lettering
Sews letters right to left, center out, last line to first line, etc.

Hoop Display
Displays a hoop on the screen. Automatically determines if a design fits within a hoop.

Makes sticky groups of elements. Allows the user to group design components together.

Capped and Mitered Corners
Improves stitch quality on tight corners.




Step and Repeat

EDS DesignShop's Step-and-Repeat feature automatically duplicates designs in columns or rows at the click of your mouse.


Double Wave Fills

The Double Wave Fills feature offers many variations of the curved fill direction for stunning new design opportunities.


Custom Density

Use the Custom Density feature to add life to designs using special blending effects.


Auto Digitizing

Easily convert your original artwork into a digital embroidery design with EDS DesignShop's Auto Digitizing feature.


Transform Lettering

Take any conventional lettering and turn it into a work of art with the innovative Transform Lettering feature.

Lettering Font Preview


Pattern Fill

Pattern Fill Random Edge




Whether you’re new to embroidery software or have been using another program, you’ll find EDS DesignShop easy to install, and intuitive to use. If you’re currently working with previous versions of Melco’s EDS software, DesignShop will provide you with many powerful new features. Here’s a look at how EDS-IV product levels compare with the new DesignShop product levels:

EDS IV Product Level

DesignShop Product Level


DesignShop Lite

EDS Base


EDS Mid-point

DesignShop Pro

EDS Summit

DesignShop Pro

EDS Summit + Digitizing Assistant

DesignShop Pro Plus


System Requirements


PC with a Pentium II 300 MHz or higher processor (Pentium III 450 MHz or higher recommended).


Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 operating system.


128 MB of RAM.


Super VGA video adapter and monitor configured for 1024 x 768 resolution or higher, video driver set to High Color or better for Window 98/Millennium; 32768 color or higher for Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000.


Parallel port for EDS DesignShop security dongle.


Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.



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