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EMT 10/12T


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M e l c o 's   E M T 10/12T   E m b r o i d e r y   M a c h i n e

Melco's EMT 10/12T Twelve-head 10-needle Embroidery Machine

EMT10/12T Melco Embroidery Machine

Consider the impressive range of benefits offered by Melco's EMT 10/12T. Its substantial base and long line precision heads nearly shout productivity, in both volume and speed. Its state-of-the-art MCPS software expands options in embroidery, from simplified design management to detailed statistical reporting. It is without a doubt reliable, from its ease of operation to its excellent mechanical track record. Finally, it is truly a sound investment with which to extend limits of productivity, and profit.


12 high-speed 10-needle embroidery heads


Quick changeover between flat goods, tubular items, caps or large fabric panels


Both standard and wide-angle cap systems available (up to 270є)


Automatic thread trimmers


MCPS control interface gives you unmatched control over embroidery production, including complete statistical data to help you maximize performance and productivity

Keeping pace with the EMT 10/12T is a snap, thanks to its control panel software, or User Interface. It's a convenient combination of:


Statistical reporting


Maintenance prompts


Viewing options


Function commands

View designs in expanded size; zero in on the current sewing position; adjust speed, and store data files. Or request any of the numerous statistical and mechanical reports, such as thread and bobbin break reports, broken needles, production and shift computations, and even timely reminders to lubricate equipment. It includes, of course, an operator log-in screen with password protection and several levels of security.

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Detailed EMT 10/12T specifications

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