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Six is your lucky number!

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EMB10/6T Melco Embroidery Machine

Actually, luck has nothing to do with it. Our new EMB 10/6T six-head bridge machine is the result of two years of intense research and development. Were proud to announce: it paid off. EMB 10/6T is an extremely solid embroidery workhorse made for high-production, high-quality embroidery. We've worked closely with top embroiderers to bring you features that count, such as:


Bridge configuration for maximum versatility, extra large sewing fields, and ease of use


Sewing quality that will impress you, even at high sewing speeds!


Our MCPS control interface gives you unmatched control over embroidery production, including complete statistical data to help you maximize performance and productivity


Our commitment to you with dedicated service and support from day one

This is one heavy-duty workhorse that plows right through piles of work at speeds of up to 1,200 stitches per minute (with superior quality sew-outs, of course)

The EMB 10/6T makes it even easier for operators to switch from sewing jackets to caps. Clearly, it's made to tame the strenuous demands of high-volume, multi-shift production. It takes production "to the extreme."

Keeping pace with the EMB 10/6T is a snap, thanks to its control panel software, or User Interface. It's a convenient combination of:


Statistical reporting


Maintenance prompts


Viewing options


Function commands

View designs in expanded size; zero in on the current sewing position; adjust speed, and store data files. Or request any of the numerous statistical and mechanical reports, such as thread and bobbin break reports, broken needles, production and shift computations, and even timely reminders to lubricate equipment. It includes, of course, an operator log-in screen with password protection and several levels of security.


Type/# of Heads Embroidery/6 Head Bridge
Flat Goods/Frame Size 43cm x 50cm Per Head (16.75" x 19.5")
Caps/Wide-Angle WACC 15.2cm x 7cm (5.9" x 2.75")
WACF 36.2cm x 7cm (14.1" x 2.75")
Tubular Goods 43cm x 50cm Per Head (16.75" x 19.5")
Optional Border/Sash Frame 288cm x 50cm (112.3" x 19.5")
Head Spacing 48cm (18.75")
# Needles/Colors per Sewing Head 10 Per Head
Automatic Trimmers Yes
Removable Table Optional
Disk Drive Built-In
Machine Base Steel
Built-In Lighting Yes
Bobbin Winder No
Threadbreak Detector Yes
Automatic Backup Yes
Memory: # of Designs, # of Stitches Limited by Hard Drive, Max File Size 500K
Maximum Speed on Flat Goods 1200
Maximum Speed on Reg. Caps 800
Networking/Capacity Ethernet - 128 Units Max.
Automatic Pre-Sewing Trace Yes
Warranty Parts & Labor 1 Year
Width 3.82m (150.5")
Height 1.78m (70.13")
Depth 1.0m (39.4")
Weight 1220kg (2,684 lbs.)
Power Required 208V-230V; Single Phase, 15A, 50/60Hz
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Will Do Continuous Embroidery

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