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Melco Embroidery Systems Control Panel Software

Melco Embroidery Systems Control Panel Software (MCPS) is a Microsoft Windows 95/98 program that provides complete control for the operation of the Melco EMB10/6T and EMT10/12 embroidery machines.

MCPS interfaces directly with the embroidery peripheral and allows you to manage designs, sewing options, statistical reporting, maintenance timers, and service operations, change machine configurations, and monitor performance and system security all from a single convenient and intuitive Windows-based program. MCPS continually updates its display with the operational status of the machine. As the status changes, the Control Panel window is updated to show the current stitch count, needle number, current color within the design, and current sewing speed.


MCPS is the user interface to all of the machine setup and configuration


All common command controls are available conveniently in the Control Panel window


Designs are loaded into machine memory from either diskette (DOS or embroidery formats) or from the hard drive of the computer


Trace moves the needle around the outline of the design to make sure hoop limits will not be exceeded


Sewing speed, design orientation, and color change sequences are changed from the Control Panel window


Settings are arranged logically in the application, so you can find settings quickly and easily to make changes on the fly. Service Function commands allow the you to monitor and test machine components, and put a wealth of useful information at your fingertips. The diagnostics include:

Color change motor and sensors


Thread and bobbin break sensors


Keypad buttons and circuitry


Trimmer home sensors and motors


X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis motors and sensors


MCPS provides a set of timers for scheduled maintenance. The time remaining is updated in real-time and can be viewed in the Maintenance dialog box. When a timer reaches zero, you will be prompted that scheduled maintenance is due.

Utilizing the MCPS step-through feature, you can simply click through the maintenance procedure, which positions the machine for easy access to the lubrication points. After completion of the step-through procedure the timer is automatically reset. All events related to the maintenance timers are logged to the MCPS system database and can be viewed in a report from the Statistics dialog box.


Security functions in MCPS are used to limit access to important areas of the program. System security is configured via the Security dialog box. The current operator name is logged with events into the database and is used for operator report calculations. When program security is enabled, a valid operator name and password must be entered to start MCPS. Any functions or buttons not authorized for current operator will be disabled. There are five levels of security in MCPS to provide flexibility for your security needs.


Detailed statistical reports are available in the MCPS Statistics window, to help you maximize your productivity.

The Run Information report shows data for each completed design sewout. Run report details include sewout times, thread and bobbin break information, number of pieces produced in the run, and total stitches in the design


The Job Information report groups successive runs of the same design into jobs. Job report details include sewout time totals, thread and bobbin break totals, the total number of stitches, pieces, and runs in the job along with stitches, pieces, and runs per hour


Operator reports allow an owner or manager to track the performance of machine operators. Runs are grouped together by the operator that was logged into MCPS. Operator reports include totals and per hour values for, stitches produced, completed runs, and reload time. Total times for thread, and bobbin breaks are also displayed


Several thread and bobbin break reports allow the user to view, break totals, thread breaks by head and needle, bobbin breaks per head, and total stitches produced per break. By analyzing this information you can recognize problems with a single head, such as a hook that is bad or needs re-timing, or even a single needle that needs replacement or needs its needle depth adjusted


Maintenance reports show when the maintenance timers were reset and who reset them

View Options

MCPS offers two different design/hoop viewing modes in the Control Panel window. Normal view shows an outline of the selected hoop and has the current design drawn inside using colors you selected. Real-time display draws the entire design with a light gray color then draws over the light gray with your selected colors as the stitches are sewn. When the real-time display is active the user can easily visualize sewing progress within the design.

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